Here at Natural Floors UK we have been providing and installing domestic flooring in Glasgow since we were founded in 1989. Over this time we have gained much experience and we would class ourselves as specialists in domestic flooring and all other flooring for that matter.

We can supply, install or restore hardwood domestic flooring, this gives us different options to offer potential customers. When we are contacted by someone looking for domestic flooring in Glasgow we will firstly visit their home to go over the different possibilities available with them, this consultation is free. Following this consultation we will be able to provide you with a fixed price for the service that you want.

Restoration of hardwood domestic flooring regularly leaves customers amazed with the end result. This is an option that many people choose to go ahead with as it can have your floor looking the way it originally did way back at the beginning. If you wanted to stick with the original flooring to keep with the character of your property but it is not feasible then you can leave it with us and we will try to source, design and install a suitable natural wood flooring for you so that you aren’t disappointed. If this type of flooring interests you, then you may find you will want to buy mats also. UK mats has a great range of door and floor logo mats for you at reasonable prices.

The staff employed at our company are all fully trained and the dust extraction machine that we use ensures that there is no airborne dust so therefore disruption is kept to a minimum. We are efficient and hardworking and offer the best price that we can for every job that we do. It is due to this that we have many recommendations from people and this is also the reason why people leave us positive testimonials on our website.

If you are looking for domestic flooring for your home in Glasgow or any of the other services that we offer then why not contact us today.