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The beauty of a wooden floor is that it grows in character as it ages. Having said this, over time the wood can start to wear which means that the wood needs a little extra attention to restore it back to it’s former self.

There are very few wooden floors in Falkirk that cannot be successfully renovated through floor sanding services.

When a wooden floor requires some attention, we can provide a complete service from sanding your floors right through to repairing them; we do it all.

Floor sanding company

Here at Natural Floors UK, we have invested heavily in floor sanding machinery and materials that are at the forefront of our industry. The machines that we use allow for a dustless service, with them being able to produce final results that are way beyond what can be achieved with hire shop floor sanding machines.

Our dustless service means that our team are equipped to sand your floors without polluting the atmosphere, this is ideal for commercial premises for example schools, restaurants, offices or gym halls.

We’ve worked with the world’s leading varnish and floor sanding suppliers to develop new methods in both our sanding technique and varnish application, this allows us to achieve an excellent standard of finish for each and every customer in Falkirk who comes to us.

Here at our floor sanding company we undertake all sizes of floor sanding jobs both big and small and treat every floor like it’s our own whilst respecting our customers property.


As floor sanding specialists, we are able to carry out any repairs that your flooring may need. When it comes to flooring repairs we are able to offer two different types of repairs, these are as follows.

  1. This is where we use filler mixed with fine wood dust. This is a quick way of repairing flooring however, it does have it’s limitations as expansion within adjacent boards can cause it to crack and fall out. When it comes to the aesthetics, it can look dirty and the colour rarely matches even if you are using the same species of dust
  2. This is where we carry out a professional repair which involves us cutting out the damaged area and installing a new section. This type of repair is generally more difficult and time consuming to do, however, it is very effective. In our opinion, the results outweigh the additional cost that is involved in the repairs


Our prices

Here at our floor sanding company we believe that our restoration services should be affordable, so you can expect them to offer great value for money.

Before any service is started, a member of our team will give you a free quote for the required work; this way you’ll know exactly what it’s going to cost.

Contact us

Just contact us today on 0800 0855 381 if you have a domestic/commercial property in Falkirk that needs it’s wooden floors restored.