JunkersAtkisGallery09At Natural Floors UK, we have years of experience as flooring contractors, working throughout Kilmarnock at both domestic and commercial properties.

As flooring contractors, we provide a wide range of services. These include:

  • floor sanding
  • floor installation
  • floor repairs


Floor Sanding 

Floor sanding doesn’t have to be a messy service. We are currently the only flooring contractors who work in Kilmarnock who can offer a floor sanding service that has no airborne dust at all.

You’d be surprised at the results from this service, with it extending the life of your flooring for many years to come. We can even stain the wood which creates an excellent finish.

Floor Installation

Sometimes your flooring is just beyond repair or restoration and our floor installation is where we can help.

Hardwood flooring installation starts off with a site survey. This reassures us that the conditions are suitable for a wooden floor. It will also give us the chance to discuss the finishing ideas and expectations.

We don’t carry door trims and stick down finishes as they compromise the overall appearance of the finished article.

Floor Repairs

We are able to carry out a wide range of floor repairs, restoring your flooring back to its former beauty.

There are two ways to repair a floor.

  1. Filler mixed with fine wood dust – this is quick however, expansion within adjacent boards can cause it to crack and fall out. Aesthetically speaking, it can look dirty and the colour rarely matches even using the same species of dust
  2. A professional repair – this is where we will cut out the damaged area and install a new section. It’s more difficult and time consuming however, it’s very effective to do and the results outweigh the additional costs that are involved in quality repairs


High Quality Service

We aim to work to the highest standard possible, it’s because of this that many clients in Kilmarnock choose us as their flooring contractors.

Competitive Prices

We charge fair prices for each of our services and would be more than happy to come out to your property in Kilmarnock to give you a free quote for the work.

Contact Us

For your free quote, feel free to contact us either by giving us a call on 0800 0855 381 or by filling out our contact form.