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We offer a comprehensive range of top quality wood flooring. Our experienced team will assist in the choice of the most suitable type of flooring to suit your needs. Simply contact us for a free consultation and to view samples.

Floor Sanding Specialists

We have developed a range of specialist techniques and equipment for restoration of even the most worn and damaged wooden floors.

The whole sanding process is dust free and we will repair damaged sections of flooring. We can stain the wood to create the perfect finish and offer advice and help every step of the way.

Simply contact us for a free consultation in your home

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Repairing Wooden Floors

Primarily there are 2 ways to repair a floor.

1. Filler mixed with fine wood dust. This is quick, however has limitations. Expansion within adjacent boards can cause it to crack and fall out.

Aesthetically, it can look dirty and colour rarely matches even using same species of dust. The problem here is when the floor is finished pristinely, the eye is not very forgiving and is attracted to filled areas .

2. A professional repair where the damaged area is cut out and new section installed and nailed down properly. More difficult and time consuming to do but very effective.

The results outweigh the additional cost involved in quality repairs.

Why Chose Natural Floors UK?

1. Over 30 years experience of Floor Sanding projects.
2. Natural Floors UK not only come highly recommended by our clients but also by other flooring sanding contractors. Why is this? Its because we have a win win attitude to everything and everyone we deal with. There is no competition, only associates.
3. Approved flooring contractor for Glasgow, Dundee and Renfrewshire District Councils
4. Natural Floors UK are the pioneers for dustless floor sanding in the British Isles
5. We worked with the worlds leading varnish and floor sanding suppliers to develop new methods in both sanding technique and varnish application to achieve standards of finish that are the envy of the industry

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