Many people think that when their hardwood floor gets damaged that they need to replace it but this isn’t the case. We offer hardwood floor repairs in Ayrshire and all over, this service is becoming more popular now as it is more cost effective for people as it saves them from having to buy a whole new floor.

In using our company for hardwood floor repairs you will be using:

  • professionals with over 20 years experience
  • hardworkers with a win win attitude to every job we undertake
  • an approved contractor for Glasgow, Renfrewshire and Dundee city councils
  • the pioneers for dustless floor sanding in the British Isles
  • a company who have worked with leading varnish and floor sanding suppliers to develop and achieve standards of finish in varnishing and sanding techniques that are the envy of the industry


These qualities are what people may look for in a company that they are wanting to work with.

When carrying out hardwood floor repairs in Ayrshire there are 2 ways we can do it:

  • we could do it quickly, this way involves using filler mixed with a fine wood dust, however, this way has limitations. Peoples eyes may be drawn to the filled area and also even using the same species of dust the colour can be off causing it to stand out. Expansion of boards next to it could also cause it to crack and fall out so this option may not always be best even if it is cheaper.
  • the other way is more effective and involves cutting away the damaged part and replacing it with a new section of flooring. Although this way will take longer, it provides a more professional repair.


When looking for this service you should consider both options and pick the one that is best for you, just take into account the pros and cons of both.

So if you require hardwood floor repairs and you are in Ayrshire then you can contact us today on 0800 0855 381 for more information or for a free consultation.