CrystalPalaceGenerally you will find that with old sports hall floors that haven’t been sanded or refurbished for many years, the wood does become worn looking and tired – this is due to the continuous wear of the flooring.

Sports halls in Leith and all over the world do require regular maintenance which is more than just brushing it and mopping it every week. There comes a time where it needs to be sanded to ensure it’s longevity and that’s where we come in.

At Natural Floors UK, we specialise in sports floor sanding and have been providing this service in Leith and all over the UK for many years.

If you decide to come to us for our sports floor sanding service then you may find that it’ll make your sports hall flooring look as good as new without having to pay out for the cost of a full replacement and with less waste of natural resources.

The method that we use in floor sanding offers a dust-free service, providing minimal dust which will ultimately eliminate the time spent cleaning afterwards.

Typically sanding sports flooring is a skilled task that requires the use of specialist equipment and experienced team members who can achieve a good result. When your flooring is being sanded it’s important that care is taken with both the sanding part of the service and the choice of finish that is applied to the flooring at the end.

At Natural Floors UK, we have worked with the world’s leading varnish and floor sanding suppliers. We are experts in sports floor sanding and have extensive knowledge of all of the available treatments that will best restore your wooden floor, ensuring that you are getting the correct finish for your hall/gym.

We charge competitive prices for sports floor sanding and would be more than happy to come out to your hall/gym in Leith to give you a free quote.

For your free quote, give Natural Floors UK a call today on 0800 0855 381.