Junckers UnoBat 50 at Crawley Leisure CentreAre you looking to have a sports floor sanded in Glasgow or anywhere else in the UK ? Natural Floors has over 20 years experience in sanding sports hall floors using the most up to date techniques and equipment from the leading manufacturers to make sure that we can restore any sports floor to brand new condition. Sports floors are nearly always installed in gym halls, sports arenas or dance halls, they are purposely designed so that they can withstand heavy use they can be costly to install but very worth while having as they can last many years.

What happens after they are well worn ? You can ask Natural Floors to come out and sand the floor and apply a brand new finish to make sure that the floor looks new again and will last you several more years.

Sports Floor Sanding isn’t always as expensive as you might think, and it is a lot cheaper than getting some new flooring put down, on a daily basis we work with all types of sports flooring installing, repairing or restoring them.

Although we are based in Glasgow we work with many of the local authority’s sanding sports floors in Schools all over Scotland.

If you would like to speak to one of our sports floor sanding specialists today get in contact with us and we will talk you through the options that you have available, and we can also arrange a site visit to check out the work that needs done and provide you with a FREE estimate for the work that needs done.