flooring services 2Natural Floors UK specialise in Tarkett Floor Sanding, we are based in Glasgow buy have restored many Tarkett floors across Glasgow, Edinburgh and across Scotland, with over 20 years experience in the trade we have worked with many contractors over the years producing a high standard of floor sanding.

Starting with a solid base of Tarkett’s high standard wooden flooring you have the foundation for a floor that will last for many years and with the proper maintenance will look brand new even after extensive use. We offer a floor maintenance service at a reasonable price and work specifically to ensure that your Tarkett flooring has a professional finish over the many years of use it will endure. This is specifically useful when dealing with sports environments for which Tarkett branded flooring is very popular and often used. The problem which occurs after many years of use is that the flooring can become scratched or marked by the bottom of shoes during sports activities and this unattractive appearance can becomes off-putting to athletes using the floor and result in your sports facility having an an aesthetically pleasing environment.

We understand the importance for sports establishments who want to give a professional impression of having clean, polished looking floors and our floor sanding service is a cost-effective way of maintaining your Tarkett floor without need for any panel replacement which can be very costly long term and a simple sanding session can leave you with a floor with a surface that is even and clean, looking brand new and very attractive. All it takes is a little slick of Tarkett lacquer after a light sanding on the surface of the wood and the floor will be fully restored and ready for further use. Depending on the severity of the scratches or marks on the surface of the floor, differing degrees of sanding can be applied but always with the aim in mind to restore a floor to its original flawless condition. We can guarantee you will be pleased with the results of your Tarkett floor sanding!

So for professional Tarkett floor sanding we are the best company to contact to discuss your options for restoring your floor at a minimal cost with a professional result.