If you are in London and looking for wooden floor experts then you should come to us, we have provided our services since we were first established in 1989.

We have been known as wooden floor experts because we have extensive experience when it comes to providing our services and regularly look to improve our services in anyway that we can.

We provide a wide range of services and can supply and fit wooden flooring, repair wooden flooring and provide a floor sanding service. Each of these services are available for both commercial and domestic properties in London.

Supplying and fitting hardwood flooring

When it comes to this service we offer a comprehensive range of top quality wood flooring. Our team are able to assist you when it comes to the choice of the most suitable type of flooring to suit your needs and can show you various different samples of flooring that we can supply and fit.

Floor sanding

Here at our company our wooden floor experts have developed a range of specialist techniques and equipment to restore even the most worn and damaged wooden floors. The sanding process is dust free and we are able to repair damaged sections of flooring. Our team can also stain the wood to create the perfect finish and can provide advice every step of the way.

Wooden floor repairs

We provide two types of floor repairs to customers in London, these are as follows.

  1. Filler mixed with fine wood dust – this is a quick repair however it has it’s limitations and expansion within adjacent boards can cause it to crack and fall out. It can also look dirty and the colour rarely matches even using the same species of dust.
  2. A professional repair – this is where the damaged area is cut out and a new section is installed. This is more difficult and time consuming to do but can be very effective, customers frequently tell us that the results outweigh the additional cost that is involved.

We provide competitive prices for each of our services to customers in London and always provide a quote before a service is started, this way our customers are fully informed of the cost.

To get a quote from our wooden floor experts just give us a call.