Traditional roomHaving wooden flooring in your home or commercial property can mean that there is a less amount of maintenance required. Having said this wooden floor sanding needs to be carried out every so often to ensure that the wooden floor remains both level and sleek.

There are a number of benefits of wooden floor sanding, with these benefits being for both the function and the beauty of the flooring.

The first benefit is that sanding your wooden flooring can remove dents and scratches that you have on your flooring. Along with this it can remove any stains that have accumulated over a period of time.

The second benefit is that your flooring can be stained which will not only give it an excellent finish but it will also help the flooring to bear the regular wear and tear.

Lastly, after floor sanding the floor’s resistance to movement will decrease. This means that as the flooring remains even and leveled it will become hard for dust to collect in any part of the floor, meaning that less cleaning is necessary.

Here at Natural Floors UK our main area of expertise is wooden floor sanding. We have carried out this service for hundreds of homeowners and commercial customers in Dundee since we were first established in 1989 and we’re currently the pioneers for dustless floor sanding in the British Isles.

We have worked with the world’s leading varnish and floor sanding suppliers to develop new methods in both sanding technique and varnish application. We make use of an atomic dust extractor in our sanding process, this allows us to offer a completely dustless floor sanding service to all of our customers in Dundee.

We have a positive attitude towards wooden floor sanding projects, this attitude along with the standard of sanding we are able to offer is why the majority of our customers return to us and tell others about our services.

We charge decent prices for wooden floor sanding projects and can discuss the cost with you before any work is started.

For more information on the wooden floor sanding service we can provide to customers in Dundee all you have to do is fill out our contact form or give us a call on 0800 0855 381.